Urban Fringe exhibition

Image from http://urbanfringes.wordpress.com/

I have been lucky enough to get involved with this exhibition as an invigilator at the Pop-up gallery in the Pentagon Centre, Chatham.  The work exhibited is all part of a research project led by Kent institute of Architecture. The two artists commissioned as part of this research project are Jo Roberts and Stephen Turner who both share a love for nature and documenting spaces around them.

The exhibition consists of a mixed media collection of work in which records and analyses the fringes of Medway and Swale. It is a detailed account of these areas in which the atmosphere, scents, space, views and topography of these sites are represented to us as the viewer. In viewing these insightful maps, photographs and the different varieties of flora found in these fringes gives us a real feel of the sites visited. All senses are awakened as one progresses through the exhibition, describing these fringes and almost giving us a taster of what it is like to visit them.

I admired the way in which the natural plants found in these areas were suspended from the ceiling in this exhibition as it provided another dimension to the rest of the exhibition which was very 2-D. It gave you something to look up at, and brought more interest and variety to the way in which the exhibition space looked as a whole. However I would have liked to have seen more of this interaction with the 3-D space; as the center of the exhibition was quite empty and felt as if it needed a central focus. I felt that the entrance of the exhibition could have been more welcoming and perhaps more enticing, as the most visually interesting part (the suspended plants) were hidden in the corner and were not visible from the entrance. It would have been nice to have these as a central and focal point, in order to get people questioning and wanting to investigate further.

I also felt that the exhibition could have done with some video clips and maybe some recordings of the sounds experienced in these areas as this would have provided me with a greater understanding and feel of these urban fringes. However, I loved the idea of exhibiting actual plants found as it added more texture and I also liked the idea of creating a perfume out of the plants found in these areas as it gives you a feel of the fragrances you experience.