Someday All the Adults Will Die!

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Today I went to see this Punk Graphic Design exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in which the work displayed was from 1971-1984.

I thought it was really interesting to see a different side to graphic design; a side in which breaks all the rules and which aims to shock its audience with images of taboos and strong language. In respect to composition of typography and image, there was no structure; elements were simply thrown onto the page, with a strong care-free attitude. Punk culture was all about rebelling and breaking all the rules and this was greatly reflected in their graphic design.

The exhibition was dominated by poster art and record covers in which usually pictured a screen printed image over some sort of background, accompanied by some extremely crude but humorous statement. Many of the work appeared as if it was thrown together, without a care; echoing punk culture. The overall feel of the work exhibited was loud, jagged, rebellious, humorous, crass and confrontational. It made a refreshing change to see design in this way; confronting taboos and expressing feelings in such a provocative way.